Specializing in powder coating and wheel refinishing. Powdercoating for anything from bolts all the way up to motorcycle frames in multiple colors and finishes!

Rim Work

There‚Äôs a lot of buzz about having the best rims, and we are able to help with that! We can unmount your rims, Media Blast them powdercoat, then remount your Rims.

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Rtic Tumblers

We are now stocking RTIC Brand tumblers, all of these are available for $35 powder coated or $15 uncoated. We offer over 2,500 colors. For more information contact us

Work With Care

We take several precautions to make sure every part you bring to us leave us in the best care. We keep all parts separated to keep from mixing parts with other customers. When you choose Warhawk Powdercoating you are choosing safety for the parts you care about.

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