Valve covers: $30-140 depending on prep, color and detail 

Rims: $20-85 per rim depending on prep, color and detail

Frames: $65-275 depending on material, prep, color and size

Small parts: $3-15 depending on prep, color and quantity

*All prices subject to change* 


OVER 120 COLORS STOCKED! Thousands more to choose from!

Curb Rash Repair
We can fix minor curb rash and then have them powder coated to as good as new! Anything major will require welding and sanding then media blasting or (polished aluminum depending on how bad of rash) 
Sorry We Are UNABLE To fix Bent Rims.

Tire removal and installation +balancing 
We can remove tires and then put them back on for powder coating! or if you just decided you need new ones!
Prices for tire removal and re-installation $ 80